15 June 2011

OV-Fiets ~ Dutch Bikeshare Rentals Booming!

Thanks to Cycle Pathologist Mark Wagenbuur for spotlighting Massive number of train passengers take OV-Fiets, the Dutch bikeshare rental service run by the NS Netherlands Railways...
"OV-Fiets expects 1.1 million round-trips for 2011, up from 835,000 in 2010. Another mile stone: the number of subscribers will pass the 100,000 mark this year. Up from 34,000 in 2008 when the Netherlands’ Railways took over OV-Fiets. [...] Subscribers travel more by train, “because they can get to more places easily”. Sharing their enthusiasm with family and friends leads to more subscribers. [..] In the video below you can see how the bike share system works at the railway station in the town of Heerlen [at] one of the over 250 locations in the Netherlands where you can rent [...] This is an unattended bicycle parking facility (privately owned bicycles can be parked there too) so the rental process is completely automated."

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