16 June 2011

Shaping Your Future ~ MIT Media Lab in HuffPost

HuffPost's Alex Wagner writes about the MIT Media Lab: Meet the People Shaping Your Future including spotlight on our new Director Joi Ito and the core ethos of the place...
"...a hotbed of radical innovation and futuristic vision. The lab's body of 150 masters and doctoral students works across disciplines -- from engineering to music -- to develop cutting-edge products ranging from robotic chandeliers to foldable cars."
"In May, MIT named entrepreneur, innovator and investor Joichi Ito as the new director of the Media Lab. Ito is scheduled to begin his tenure in September -- a job he described as being similar to going swimming with sharks. [...] also values connectivity and is highly -- almost inhumanely -- connected." [...] Ito has a formidable Rolodex, which will presumably be put into use when he takes the helm of the Media Lab. Ito cautioned that, "Whatever I pull in here will only get traction insofar as the students and faculty want to do it. I can’t order people to do stuff." [...] I can provide value by connecting them to someone on the outside." In many ways, the Media Lab is a real-world iteration of Ito's wildly divergent interests."

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