23 June 2011

Robomutt ~ Naki'o's Orthopet Canine Prosthetics

The DailyMail says Meet Robomutt... The world's first bionic dog...
"Naki'o, a Red Heeler cattle dog, was abandoned in a frozen puddle and suffered such severe frostbite that he was left with just stumps to move about on. His future was looking grim until veterinary surgeon Christie Tomlinson, who was looking for a playmate for her golden retriever, saw him at a Colorado rescue centre. [...] as he grew and gained weight it became painful for him to walk, especially on hard surfaces. Eventually Naki'o had to crawl along on his tummy at home and at the clinic's daycare centre. Then Christie heard about a company called Orthopets in Denver, Colorado. Founded by husband and wife team Martin and Amy Kaufmann, Orthopets began when Martin saw that his experience in creating human orthotic devices could be adapted for animals. [...] 'I thought we should be using the technology used for humans on our pets. 'An animal is a much better patient than a human. They have drive, determination and they just won't quit. 'They don't feel sorry for themselves.' Since undergoing the pioneering surgery Naki'o can leap and bound with the best of them."

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