24 June 2011

Fab Lib ~ Maker Libraries, 3DP, Hackerspaces++

Thanks to Shapeways via Timbuktu Chronicles for spotting this survey of future fab labs, public libraries, 3D printers, hackerspaces and more...
"This video was made in support of Lauren Britton-Smedley's proposal to create a pilot FabLab at the Fayetteville Free Library. This is Lauren's final project for the "Innovation in Public Libraries" class taught by Meg Backus and Thomas Gokey at Syracuse University's iSchool. In this class we look at avant-garde art from the past 60 years (social sculpture, relational aesthetics, institutional critique, interventionist practice, hacker/maker/DIY culture) and use it as a way to rethink what the library of the 21st century could be."

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